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Discover Tekton Tasks

Artifact Hub has already provided search and discovery for Helm charts, OLM based operators, Falco rules, OPA policies, Tinkerbell actions, Krew (kubectl) plugins, and Helm plugins. These are all CNCF project related artifacts. We are happy to share that we have expanded beyond the CNCF to support another non-profit foundation based project with support for Tekton tasks.

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Container Image Scanning

When trying to make a decision about which artifacts to use it’s useful to know some information about the security of the artifact. With Artifact Hub, it’s possible to see security scans for container based artifacts such as Operator Framework OLM based operators, some Helm Charts, OPA Policies, and Tinkerbell actions.

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What Is The Artifact Hub?

Finding cloud native artifacts on the Internet can be difficult. When we talk about artifacts we mean things like Helm charts, Kubernetes operators, Falco rules, and Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies. If you use a search engine to look for them the results will be mixed with articles, documentation, and discussion. This experience is far from ideal if you want to find a package or tool to install. This has lead to the rise of Hubs like the Helm Hub (which now redirects to the Artifact Hub) and Operator Hub. Read full post